300 HD Two Tank Iron / Sulfur Filter

The concept of air injection for the reduction of iron, manganese and sulfur gas is not new. In most cases, these contaminants can be treated in this manner without the use of chemicals, such as chlorine or potassium permanganate. Clearion Water Technologies introduces its own combatant – The 300HD Series. Several new ideas are incorporated in the 300HD Series Water Treatment System. Air injection and free air venting are accomplished through a common manifold assembly which simplifies installation and service. The 300HD Series manifold assembly is mounted on a large air mixing tank that triples the amount of air contact and exposure time. A full 1" FNPT inlet and outlet is provided to install the 300HD Series tank between the well pump and pressure tank. This exposes the 300HD Series tank to full pump flow for increased air draw, air mixing and reduced plugging problems. Oxidized contaminants then enter the 300HD Series filter where they are removed by the Multi Blend filtration media. The Multi Blend is a proportioned mix of three proven filter medias to provide optimum performance with wide application potential. The filter is automatically maintained by the 300 Series control valve that provides the advantages of adjustable cycle times and high backwash flow capability in a high tech electronic valve with simple programming and battery back-up.


• 300 Series Filter Control Valve with high backwash flow capability and fully adjustable cycles
• Designed for use with Submersible type pumping systems
• 300HD air mixing tank with air & water blending manifold
• Includes aeration sorption contact balls for rapid contaminant oxidation – used in 300HD air mixing tank
• Exclusive SmartBlend media blend for filter tank
• ¾” FNPT Stainless Steel Bypass Valve; 1” option
• Poly wound mineral tank with standard Vortech™ plate – no gravel under bed required
• Dome hole mineral tank closure optional
• Ideal of removal of higher levels of Iron, Sulfur & Manganese